Kagoshima seafood promotion seminar in Viet Nam

We will hold a Japanese seafood seminar on Friday, March 3 in Hotel Nikko Saigon.
The seminar will feature Kagoshima prefecture’s fascinating seafood such as farmed Buri, Kanpachi that many Japanese would say we can’t enjoy sushi without, and Satsuma-age, one of the best known traditional foods in Japan. Some makers coming from Kagoshima will speak about fish farming, processing, health benefits and so on. Kagoshima is one of popular tourist destinations with notable historic sites and it’s a gourmet paradise, attracting a lot of tourists, locals and business people.
This seminar will be hosted by Japan Seafood Export Promotion Association and Kagoshima Seafood Export Promotion Council.



開催日時:2017年3月3日 14:00 (13:30開場)

会  場:Hotel Nikko Saigon,  4階,  Meeting Room 7